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karmadata is Healthcare (Big) data simplified. It's free to join. Upgrade to Premium for more features and data. Or Contact us to enroll your company with Plus and enjoy a Private Sandbox area in our data cloud for your company only with unlimited access. Not ready join? Take a look at our FAQs page.

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It's free to join!

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Enroll your company on a karmadata Plus plan and link your colleagues via work emails to share in the benefits. Pricing for karmadata Plus is based on company size. Contact us to get started.

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Sign up today with no contracts or obligations. Feel free to upgrade your account, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

Open Pricing

All karmadata users pay the same (open) price. It is either free for Basic users, the same price for Premium users, or tiered based on corporate size for Plus users.


Help is always there if you need it. If you need assistance, feel free to contact support@karmadata.com, or tweet at us @karmadata

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